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Introduction to Kayaking Class

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Learn to kayak with this Milwaukee River kayak lesson for beginners

This is the first step in helping you become a solid kayaker by focusing on basic skills, knowledge and fundamentals. Whether you’ve never held a paddle before or have been kayaking your whole life, this is the perfect course to hone your skills.

This Introduction to Kayaking class is designed for paddlers who have an interest in learning the proper techniques and kayaking safety while kayaking in small, inland lakes and slow-moving rivers. In 2 ½ hours we will cover the basic strokes needed to maneuver your kayak efficiently, learn how to plan for and predict wind, waves and weather. Additionally, you will learn hazards & safety concerns and methods for self-rescue and rescuing others.

Skills and information covered in this kayak for beginners class include:

  • Introduction to equipment – kayaks, paddles and PFDs
  • Safety considerations in using recreational kayaks
  • Entering and exiting your kayak
  • Forward stroke
  • Reverse stroke
  • Forward and reverse sweep strokes
  • Draw strokes
  • Self rescue and assisted rescue
  • Lifting and carrying your kayak safely
  • How to properly stow gear in kayak